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Akhbar Al Aan calls on youth to participate in its newly launched ‘Your Story on Akhbar Al Aan’ campaign

Akhbar Al Aan’ announced the launch of its ‘Your Story on Akhbar Al Aan’campaign to encourage younger audiences, including social media savvy ‘TikTok’users to share their inspiring stories, experiences, achievements and challenges that have dramatically transformed their lives. As today’s younger generations spend most of their time watching television or on social media, the campaign uniquely brings together both mediums to encourage creativity among youth.

The campaign will see ‘Akhbar Al Aan’ collaborate with several content creators and influencers on TikTok to inspire and engage their young followers in meaningful ways. Apart from sharing their experiences and success stories, and how they have overcome their challenges and their social media journeys, they will reveal their content creation techniques as part of the campaign, to build a large base of followers in record time.

Part of the campaign is a competition that will encourage the followers of the influencers to make a video of their own stories and experiences, too. The competition was officially launched on TikTok, as the platform is the most popular among the initiative’s target audience, the youth. 

At the end of the campaign, a winner will be selected from among the followers of each influencer Akhbar Al Aan is partnering with. The winners will be decided based on their individual levels of engagement and interactions. Each winner will be awarded attractive cash prizes. The results of the competition will be announced on April 15, 2021, on the website of Akhbar Al Aan. The key partner influencers in the campaign are MalekAl Oueslati (@malek_oueslati_officiel); Amal Salma (@amalsalmaa); DianaZeineddine (@dianazofficial); and Ramy Hamdan (@ramyhamdann)

Solange El Rassi, Head of Corporate Communications at Al Aan TV, said: “We are excited about the launch of ‘YourStory on Akhbar Al Aan’ campaign, which will serve as a new platform for the participants to express their opinions, make their voices heard and share their stories. Through this campaign, we aim to support them in their first steps towards creating their paths in the media industry and producing their own unique content. We invite everyone to show their talents and potentials through this initiative.”

El Rassi added: “The newly launched campaign is part of our endeavours to empower the younger generation. As AkhbarAl Aan’s target audience, they are the true wealth of our nation. They are vital to creating a better tomorrow for all, as they help drive our country’s development and progress. This initiative complements the other successful similar initiatives that we previously conducted. It is also happening at a time when our news platform’s new direction and our adoption of an innovative methodology to report the news that targets young audiences are garnering attention. Additionally, it follows our key efforts and strategic partnerships geared towards meeting the aspirations of the Arab youth. We will announce our new direction in an event that will feature distinguished media personalities who have been a source of inspiration to many.”

Subsequently, ‘Akhbar Al Aan’ will be organizing an event featuring interactive dialogue sessions, to formally unveil the new direction of its news platform and announce its latest partnerships forged to empower the Arab youth.

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