Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

Minister of Communication Inaugurates Global Entrepreneurship Week

QNA_ICT_15112015-(4)HE the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Dr. Hessa Al Jaber on Sunday inaugurated the Global Entrepreneurship Week which is held between 15-19 November under her auspices and in the presence of HE Qatar Central Bank Governor Sheikh Abdullah bin Saoud Al-Thani.
Speaking on the occasion, HE the Minister said that the Qatar’s economy and future prosperity depends on many factors, but high among this list is the ability of entrepreneurs and innovators to develop ideas into great enterprises.
These are the kind of people who eventually took on the critical challenge of building and growing Qatar’s economy. Her Excellency said adding “We see how they have transformed the way we construct buildings and infrastructure how we produce and efficiently use energy and how we manage scarce water resources.” Dr. Al Jaber said that the work for continuing to produce future innovators and entrepreneurs begins first and foremost at home, where parents must raise their children to encourage them to be curious, and continues in schools where teachers must work every day to inspire our students to challenge themselves and push beyond the core skills of any classroom.
HE the Minister pointed that an excellent university system is essential; not only because of the specialized education it offers, but because it creates an ecosystem of innovation.
She pointed that he great university and research centers around the world are known not only for what happens in the classroom, but for the kinds of discoveries that happen in the labs and in the office buildings just off campus.

HE the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Dr. Hessa Al Jaber said that ” Our goal should be to encourage that kind of ecosystem”, adding that Hamad bin Khalifa University and the and the research centers in the Education City are the nucleus of this ecosystem.

She went on saying that great entrepreneurship and innovation occurs in an environment of economic freedom; where the rule of law is enforced effectively and consistently, and where intellectual property is protected.

She stressed that the wise leadership of the State of Qatar did not ignore the importance of entrepreneurship and work to support this sector in the light of the quest to develop a diversified economy which is decreasing its dependence on hydrocarbon investment and thus moving towards knowledge-based economy, pointing to the speech of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani before the Advisory Council calling for supporting the private sector through creating the favorable conditions to stimulate investment and to prepare the infrastructure which incubate the these projects.

She stressed that “If we are really interested in consolidating the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, we have to accept failure and embrace it,” adding that creativity and innovation do not occur in the absence of strong incentives. Great ideas come from great minds and great minds go where they are welcomed. “In Qatar welcome all great minds,” she said.

HE the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Dr. Hessa Al Jaber stressed that the future of the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators under the ICT revolution, has yet to begin, explaining that there is an opportunity for every one who is willing to create, innovate and work hard.

Source: Qatar news agency

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