Published On: Sun, Oct 26th, 2014

Emirates ID Card now integrated into Windows operating systems

Emirates ID Card now integrated into Windows operating systems

Emirates ID Card now integrated into Windows operating systems

The credentials of individuals provided by the Emirates ID Card are now reliably embedded within the windows operating system, facilitating easier and quicker access to hundreds of government services in the U.A.E. for both the U.A.E. nationals and residents. The Emirates ID card is the only national ID card system embedded in the Windows Operating System, and is recognized by Windows 7,8, 8.1 and later drivers, in addition to Windows-supported tablets.

Considered a true game changer in trust management in the U.A.E., the integration of the Emirates ID Card in Windows Operating Systems will be immensely beneficial for the customers of government services by making their access to the services and the authentication of their individual identities much easier and less time-consuming. Additionally, the users will also be able to generate government-validated digital signatures in all their Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

“This is also a big help for the developers of Windows apps as the facility to ascertain individual identities using the ID card instead of the much vulnerable logon system will provide added security and reliability for the app developers. The U.A.E. ID Card mini driver has been subjected by Microsoft to all the stringent testing and certifications and listed on the Windows Update Services. Once a customer inserts his ID card in a card reader connected to a Windows Operating System, the drivers for the card are automatically downloaded from Windows Update Services and ready for use for obtaining a large number of government services, including those offered by the Emirates Identity Authority ,” explained Ayesha Al Rayesi, Executive Director, Central Operations, Emirates ID .

The true power of the U.A.E. ID Card in delivering service can then be seen in the device stage experience as a plug and play Windows device. “The import of the integration of Emirates ID card into the Windows system goes far beyond the facilitation of services and generation of digital signatures. It is perhaps the first instance in the world of a national ID program being integrated into one of the most popular computer operating system, offering multi-pronged solutions to the entire population on the one hand, and making the management of apps fully tamper-proof on the other. In a digital environment marked by susceptibility to manipulations and identity fraud, it works not only as a facilitator of services, but also as an impregnable wall of security for service providers and app developers,” she pointed out.

Cyril Voisin, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Gulf, said the U.A.E. government was leading the way by empowering citizens and residents to leverage their government-verified identity securely stored in their Emirates ID smartcard on Windows tablets and PCs. “This achievement is the result of a long-term collaboration between Microsoft and Emirates Identity Authority . As a strategic partner to governments, Microsoft is committed to support innovation and people-centric smart government initiatives,” he added.

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates

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