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Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit starts in Abu Dhabi

413147835562dc277c612eSponsored by Abu Dhabi City Municipality, the fourth edition of the Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit kick started with the participation of more than 400 lighting specialists. The two-day summit, which is organized by Expo Trade, specialized in organizing high-profile conferences, is held in Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel – Abu Dhabi.

The forum was attended by dignitaries, and ambassadors of Canada, Chilly, Kuwait, Netherland and Angola, to name a few. The comprehensive summit aimed at promoting education among technicians, designers, architects, consultants, engineers, developers and local government policy makers, who participate in developing smart lighting projects in the region.

Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: “This summit comes within the framework of the municipal system’s vision regarding the Abu Dhabi emirate’s agenda and its commitment to nurture sustainable infrastructure environment in line with the vision and drive of Abu Dhabi Government, aimed at implementing sustainability standards, rationalizing energy consumption and utilizing renewable energy. The summit is also tailored to cater to the growth and development drive witnessed by Abu Dhabi emirate, at par with the highest international sustainability standards in a way that enhances the quality of life of all residents.

Al Murar added: “The summit will provide a platform for representatives of government agencies including planning, development and public services divisions, as well as regulatory bodies, standards committees, lighting designers, architects, engineers and technology marketers to exchange views as regards strategies and proposed solutions to use energy-efficient lighting throughout the Middle East.”

“Abu Dhabi is proud to sponsor and host this unique lighting summit, which we hope will serve as a real platform for creating new ideas that will enhance sustainable smart lighting. This can only be achieved by sharing ideas, using and implementing new technologies by introducing appropriate design standards that showcases the importance of this forum which brings together all spectrums of this industry under one roof,” continued Al Murar.

Al Murar noted: “By sponsoring this global event the Municipality’s renews commitment to support initiatives, leading projects, successful policies and role it plays in energy and lighting uses via cutting-edge technologies and the latest power-saving programs.”

“The Municipality is moving forward with implementing its leading sustainable lighting project starting from Sheikh Zayed Street and Sheikh Zayed Bridge, which won two global awards in smart innovative and sustainable lighting.”

“The general lighting strategy of Abu Dhabi emirate was implemented gradually to promote the economic measures and environmental responsibility, and contribute to realizing the desired goal of rendering Abu Dhabi city one of the best cities in the world. The strategy includes all road networks in Abu Dhabi, and recommends cutting energy consumption by introducing new LED lighting technology to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs, and adopting smart operating practices. The new lighting program also contributes to economizing on the outlays on maintenance of different lighting systems, improves the quality of lighting and diminishes carbon footprint.

The Lighting and Smart Energy Summit was opened by sponsors’ welcome address delivered by Havel Sylvania and Yaming, followed by a key session on sustainable lighting strategy of Abu Dhabi City Municipality delivered by Engineer Hussein Mohsen Al Saidi, Head of Standards and Specifications Team, Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

Mr. Martin Valentin, the lighting expert from Abu Dhabi City Municipality, explained the future of lighting standards of Abu Dhabi emirate. He highlighted not only focus on the technical and design amendments to the current lighting specifications undertaken by the DMA, but also illustrated the DMA’s lighting specifications for the first time.

Mr. Bastian de Groot, Director Lighting Control Business, Havel Sylvania, delivered a session on Launching Applications for the Digital Lighting Area, saying: “We are really excited over this conference, we have forged agreements with some of the most influential technology companies in the industry in line with our strategy regarding free innovation including Organic Response, and Goose and Karry, in order sensitize our customers in the Middle East with the latest smart lighting products and innovative solutions in our group, offering improving and analyzing retail solutions and smart automatic lamps solutions.”

Mr. Brad Hariharan, Regional Director for Expo Trade Middle East, said: “We are really delighted with the response we received from all lecturers, sponsors and delegates. The courses delivered by more than 20 speakers presented a new perspective about trends and developments in lighting industry and we pay tribute to Abu Dhabi City Municipality for supporting this successful event.

Mr. Martin Klaasen, Director of Klaasen Lighting Design, highlighted the current challenges and opportunities facing LED Technology (Light Emitting Diode).

Ms. Christine Nash, CEO of Metrosmart International reviewed road innovative Infrastructure focusing in particular on their latest products and solutions such as D.G Rap, Solexao, and Starven.

Paolo Cervini President of Philips Lighting Middle East & Turkey reviewed modern smart lighting systems currently available, in addition to the lessons learned by the company from dozens of lighting systems it has installed all over the world.

Mr. David Andrew Dan – Director of Techniques – Utilities, Mawshell Consultants, conducted an interactive panel discussion themed ‘Does the United Arab Emirates Optimally Utlize Solar Energy in Lighting to Increase Energy Efficiency?’ other co-presenters included Oswathi Prasad, Lighting Specialist, WSP Group; Elisa Dimileo, Landscaping Engineer, Mr. Dorsch Consult, and Faisal Rashid, Director – Loads, Supreme Council of Energy in Dubai.

Other first day sessions covered issues related to energy management contracts; a case study about the key success factors for a prestigious lighting project study, Internet of Things: which is already fitted in lighting systems; besides integrating indoor lighting with daylight, outdoor lighting initiatives in Dubai and of external lighting network management in Helsinki.

The first day activities of the summit were concluded by paying viewing lighting patterns in Abu Dhabi city organized by Abu Dhabi City Municipality. The tour covered the city’s major landmarks including Baynunah Street, Al Mushrif Park, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Al Salam Street Tunnel, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Street. They reviewed the LED technology applicable in the city, in addition to a comprehensive perspective about the city’s lighting achievements.

It is worth mentioning that more than 20 companies including Havells Sylvania, Yaming, Smart Metro International, Philips, Valmont France, Fagerhult Lighting Group, NIKKO, iGuzzini among others presented their solutions.

Source: Emirates news agency

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