Published On: Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

Motiongate theme park reveals ride details

It’s one of Dubai’s most anticipated attractions and will form an integral part of the Emirate’s plan to diversify its economy and tourism industry.

Now developers Dubai Parks and Resorts have revealed details of two of the main attractions at the theme park, located in the Sony Pictures Studios zone of the park, which is due to open in just over a year.

Lovers of all things undead will be thrilled to experience Zombieland Blast Off. Inspired by the Sony Pictures Studios’ Zombieland. motiongate™ Dubai will have a 56 metre-high free fall tower, set in the post-zombie apocalypse area of the theme park.

motiongate™ Dubai guests will venture into an abandoned funhouse, fleeing from zombies which roam this area of the park. As they walk through the once bright and happy funhouse, guests are now faced with barricaded doors, scrawled survival tips, and improvised weapons.  As the zombies begin to close in, the only way to escape is straight up!  Riders are sent screaming into the sky over the Pacific Playland Boardwalk on a thrilling drop tower experience.


motiongate™ Dubai will offer a multi-sensory 4D theatre attraction which takes audiences on a non-stop, cinematic thrill with the powerful vampire warrior, inspired by the blockbuster Sony Pictures Studio franchise, Underworld.

Guests begin their mysterious journey by entering the courtyard of a production soundstage in the Sony Pictures Studio zone of motiongate™ Dubai. Passing through the doors, guests find themselves in an entirely different world. The battle between vampires and lycans has endured through the ages.  Selene has just escaped from captivity when the world has declared war on vampires and the government has ordered a mass cleansing.  In a desperate search for her love Michael, and the daughter she never met, Selene fights off monstrous lycans.  The audience quickly finds themselves in the middle of a supernatural war in this action-packed theatrical 4D experience.



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