Published On: Sun, Nov 15th, 2015

Ministry of Economy Publishes Automotive Sector Survey

qna_economic-survey-14112015Ministry of Economy and Commerce published Saturday a survey it has done last October on customer satisfaction at the automotive sector of the State of Qatar. More than 4,000 participants took part in the survey.
The survey covered a number of subjects. That included the prices of new and used cars, whether showrooms offer accurate information about their products to customer. The survey also polled how comprehensive was the warranty as well as the after sale services.
Some 94% of those polled saw car prices as high compared to the rest of the GCC. Between 81.28% and 92.85% of the participants saw that service costs were high whether during warranty or after the warranty expires. As for car parts, 95.08% of the participants saw that car parts prices were expensive compared to the GCC.
Some 73.89% felt that showrooms did not present the customers with the right info about the cars. However an equal number, 72.28%, felt the official car agents had clear information regarding the service centers and their locations.
On the skill of mechanics in the service centers, 51.3% of the participants felt they were highly skilled. The other 48.7% had the contrary view.

The majority of those polled, 63.7%, expressed their confidence at the quality of spare parts provided by the official agents, compared to those provided from the market. However, 78.68% noted that agents during the service usually change a number of things about the car except the faulty piece. The participants, 70.86% of them, felt they were not fully informed on reasons behind the recalls that take place on certain car brands from time to time.
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce is preparing a guide on the responsibilities and rights of customers and dealers in the automotive sector. The guide aims to regulate the interaction between dealers and customers in all aspects starting from sale, to warranty, service and recalls.
The survey was part of the Ministry’s commitment to the public interest in the framework of the consumer protection law no. 8 for 2008.
Source: Qatar news agency

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