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Dubai is the most expensive international destination to bring in the New Year

Costing over Dh2,000 per person, Dubai is the dearest popular international city to celebrate New Year’s Eve, according to research by Travelex.


NYE 2015 AEDThat sum will get you a set meal-for-one, a bottle of bubbles, nightclub entry and a pint of refreshment. 


With a strong dirham, many Dubai expatriates may be considering visiting another city to see in 2016.


Partying in Sydney is considerably cheaper than last year because the rate is now 1 dirham = AU$3.72 (Travelex’s online rate). Compared to December 2014 the dirham is 15 per cent stronger against the Australian dollar, meaning those exchanging Dh5,000 today now pocket an extra AU$230.


The Hogmanay street party in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, may also attract those looking for a cheaper alternative, at almost a third of the price of Dubai (Dh715).


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