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Maximize Your Restaurant’s Ordering Revenue Through AI-Driven Insight with FineDine

Offering top-notch hospitality is one of the most crucial success drivers for the restaurant community. Just by enhancing the customer experience, restaurants can receive more orders and enjoy increased profits. FineDine, a US-based tech firm, is a dynamic customer interface for restaurants that are replacing confusing online menus and dated paper menus. The cloud-based restaurant platform can be utilised through a tablet menu or QR menu, to not only increase revenue but decrease operational costs, gain control over the business and generate a smoother client experience.  

“With the covid-19 pandemic hitting the world at large in 2020, multiple industries have had to adapt to newer methods to cope with the pandemic, and the revamp their operations to keep up with the safety measures while reducing the strain on their businesses. We, at FineDine, realized the challenges faced by our restaurant partners in delivering to their clients. As a result, we reshuffled our product development pipeline to help empower our clients to meet their customers, as well as the overall situational demands. Prior to the pandemic, FineDine’s main product was the Tablet menu and all the developments in the pipeline were based on enhancing dine-in features, which then changed, and our teams put all their efforts into accelerating the Delivery & Pick-up menu, and Dine-In QR menu developments,” said Duygu Kutluoğlu Kılıç, co-founder and CEO of FineDine. 

Today, FineDine has four kinds of menu options that help restaurants, hotels, coffeehouse’s, cafes, and bakeries offer the most-suited solution to their customers, such as Dine-In QR, Tablet, Kiosk, Delivery and Pick-Up menu. The profitable digital forum uses advanced artificial intelligence to gather knowledge about customers and understand their main points of interest.  The AI formulates the customised menus by pushing sales, inventory needs and products based on global trends. Consequentially, the FineDine menu will reveal the most appealing menu items to clientele, giving them a personalised experience. This results in an upsurge in revenue and a more pleasant customer encounter.  

FineDine’s client Mohsin Amin, Accountant and Management Team Executive of Ten 11 Coffee Boutique, added “As our brand TEN 11 Coffee Boutique grows, FineDine has allowed us to simplify the ordering process and overall menu presentation to our customers. FineDine has been an integral part of TEN 11 Coffee Boutique since our very first outlet in Abu Dhabi”. 

The platform has already dramatically improved sales and business revenue for numerous hospitality-based establishments all over the world and is expanding at a rapid rate In the UAE, FineDine is a trusted partner and works with Nusr-Et, Marriott Group, Armani Hotels, Godiva, Clap DIFC, Brunch & Cake, White (Addmind Hospitality Group), and Yamanote Atelier. To add to the list, FineDine services are utilized by brands such as La Mezcaleria, SKMD Ten 11, Pizza Hut, Applebees, La Grande Maison, Zaatar w Zeit, Aioli Lounge, among others globally. These eateries have overseen upwards of a 20% revenue increase with FineDine taking 0% commission. This profit growth has been created through an increase in table turnover due to less menu confusion and quicker decision times, increased ticket sizes in that consumers are alerted to the menu items that suit them best and enlarged tips due to an all-around smoother dining experience.  

“Being a global brand our partnership with FineDine QR Menu has helped us improve our hospitality. The menu features all the information available in multiple languages, which makes our local guests feel even more welcomed and helps them understand our offerings. Additionally, the menu also helps eliminate errors in communication which enables us to provide a great customer experience”, said the Head of Marketing at Nusr-Et Steakhouse.  

The most notable attributes of FineDine lie in its cross-selling and upselling features. Cross-selling works by suggesting to customer’s similar items to those that they have already taken an interest in, resulting in increased profit margins. Similarly, their upselling encourages clients to purchase a more expensive or luxurious version than the item they had already viewed. The platform also assists businesses with management and data analytics, allowing company owners and decision-makers to be able to review best-selling items, their increased profit margins and reduction in administrative costs.  

FineDine came into existence when the founders, while on a business trip abroad struggled to order food with ease due to language barriers. This led the pair to embark on extensive market research with both consumers and business owners, attempting to uncover the key issues facing both parties in restaurant interactions. They then created the FineDine Menu in light of this knowledge.  

The platform allows all restaurant owners to have full design control over their FineDine menu, allowing them to input their own colours, their logo, chosen font, preferred images and more.  The restaurant can also create seasonal or festive menu’s in addition to their permanent ones, for events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, Summer etc. 

FineDine is committed to shaping the future of dining. FineDine’s key features empower restaurant communities and maximize restaurant ordering revenue by AI-driven dine-in, pickup, and delivery solutions. 


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