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Huawei opens attractive new revenue stream for Android developers

Huawei has extended support for HUAWEI Ads, the programmatic advertising marketplace that allows app developers to dramatically increase in-app revenue, to all Android devices.   

HUAWEI Ads provides an easy and effective way for developers to open up their apps to third-party advertising while offering advertisers a way to buy impressions on the huge global user base of Huawei devices.

“Feedback on HUAWEI Ads has been overwhelmingly positive and developers have told us that they want a similar way to increase in-app revenue on mobile platforms other than Huawei,” said Adam Xiao, Managing Director of Huawei Mobile Services in the Middle East and Africa, Huawei Consumer Business Group. “Now, with the latest version of the HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service, developers have the opportunity to integrate high-quality advertising content into their apps running on the global user base of Android devices and all of the different flavours of Android.”

A range of media formats are supported by HUAWEI Ads, including native, rewarded, banner, interstitial, splash and roll. The standard revenue sharing mode is 70-30% in favour of publishers, with publishers set to receive 80% throughout the rest of 2021.

“The mobile app market is extremely competitive and developers need multiple lines of revenue in order to be profitable,” said Xiao. “With HUAWEI Ads, they can tap into a long list of high-quality advertisers that want to reach the Android user base. Thanks to our sophisticated tracking and profile building technology, adverts can be delivered to the client’s exact target audience. We are confident that developers that choose to work with HUAWEI Ads can look forward to high fill rates and attractive advertising rates.”

As privacy remains its top priority, Huawei has ensured that the adverts served on its platforms are not intrusive, wherein it features an opt-out option to prevent delivery of personalised adverts to users who do not wish to see them; the platform also features an option to reset OAID, an advertising identifier.


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