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EFS unveils mobile micro-learning platform for its blue-collar staff

EFS Facilities Services Group (EFS), a regional leader in delivering integrated facilities management services across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia andTurkey, has accelerated its mission to upskill its blue-collar workforce through Mobile Microlearning Platform ‘Talim’ on May Day, this year.

Talimis EFS’s mobile micro-learning platform in collaboration with their technology partners, MobieTrain, empower and guide EFS frontline workers and encourage the passion for learning and development. In addition, the platform will provide diverse content to users based on self-learning, daily workflow, inductions, HSEQ and updates through one seamless in-app experience.

EFS celebrates May Day by unveiling this platform, Talim, with an aim to provide accessible, affordable and flexible education that their frontline workers can avail themselves on the go. This initiative complements the Company’s ongoing strides in the arenas of Transformation and Upskilling.

Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO of EFS exclaimed,” There is no better way to recognize the efforts of our blue-collar workers than by empowering them through learning and development. Talim is one such platform that shall provide holistic learning and development avenues for employees in a digital format with flexibility and easy access.

CEO and Founder of MobieTrain, Guy Van Neck, “At MobieTrain we’re proud to contribute to the vision and open learning culture of EFS to empower their frontline workers with the training experience they deserve. Together we see the value in co-creation to develop an integrated training ecosystem where the theEFS-people are in the driving seat of their own career development. EFS puts a lot of effort into offering its modern workforce an inclusive way of learning where they feel supported, motivated and rewarded. We share the same goal: empowering their employees to become the best versions of themselves. By learning.”

Over the years EFS has commemorated the first of May with multiple initiatives be it from the launch of EHSAAS, touch of compassion initiative or senior leadersspending a day in the boots of frontline workers or mementos and fun-dayactivities in their honour. “This year EFS has added a different perspective to recognize their efforts as well as empower them through Talim that will enhance their skills and develop them and their colleagues in the long run” – commentedSaima Ahmad, Group Director – Human Resources.   

Talimwill also channelizes the Centre of Cleaning Excellence’s objective to provide interactive, flexible, and engaging training programs to equip staff with skills in the cleaning discipline in addition to other domains. The staff are expected to experience a fun learning journey through gamification, quizzes and storytelling that will help them understand complex activities and their application at the workplace, anytime-anywhere. “This will be an addition to our efforts to promote cleaning excellence through training” – according to Najwa Makhlouf, General Manager of the recently launched new division, Centre of Cleaning Excellence.

“This platform is a step forward in upskilling and reskilling their professional and functional capabilities” according to Ayesha Zain, Assistant Manager, L&D.“While our frontline workers are often skilled in their specific trades, its important to reinforce on-the-job skills as well as soft skills.”

Established over two decades ago, the multiple award-winning facilities service provider with Taqdeer Awards and GCC Gov HR Awards to its merit has a global footprint across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Turkey. EFS stands by the people-first approach and continues its strides in welfare and engagement initiatives for its blue-collar employees, who make up more than two-thirds of their workforce.

EFS’stechnology partners, MobieTrain was founded in 2015, since then the company has transformed their customer experience insights and L&D expertise into amified, mobile-first microlearning platform.

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