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Dubai-Based E-Commerce Marketplace Noon To Make “A Substantial Investment”

Dubai-based e-commerce marketplace noon is making “a substantial investment” in developing its mother and baby online market, which will see it roll out major new technologies and global partnerships as part of its launch in the coming months.

“This is a huge priority for us, absolutely,” Mohamed Alabbar, founder, Noon told Entrepreneur Middle East. “Using our massive logistical capabilities, we will make it easier and faster than ever for mothers to plan the delivery of frequent baby staples such as diapers and baby food. It is about giving our customers in this category exactly what they need and want, and as fast as possible.”

The launch of this vertical will see noon unveil a host of new products, making it easier for mothers to shop directly from a huge array of local and international brands. The new products and technologies will be marketed to millions of already existing Noon customers.


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