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UEFA abandons case against Super League rebel clubs Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid

UEFA has dropped its case, for now, against rebel Super League clubs Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid due to legal action for pursuing disciplinary action regarding the breakaway.

The European soccer governing body initially paused the case in June against clubs that refused to give up on the project that collapsed in April.

Now UEFA has announced that “in the matter relating to a possible violation of UEFA’s legal framework in relation to the so-called ‘Super League’, the UEFA Appellate Body today declared the proceedings null and void, as if the procedure would never have been opened.

It leaves open the possibility that the disciplinary action can begin again at a later time.

But for now, the decision comes after a Spanish judge gave UEFA five days last week to confirm that it will comply with the court’s decision and will not punish the teams for their participation in the Super League, as they faced each other to a possible suspension from the Champions League.

The case was also notified by the Madrid judge to the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg.

The deadline for court filings is next month.


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