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UAE is an International Hub for Business Investors and Young Entrepreneurs

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a driving force in most economies around the world and the United Arab Emirates is proving to be no exception. Aside from making up 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP), SMEs also employ 40% of the working population in the UAE. The UAE is slowly catching up with other advanced economies where SMEs contribute over 50% of the GDP and are responsible for about 65% of all employment.

In Addition, UAE is considered as a global hub for Business Investors and Young entre

Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director at BR Communications

Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director at BR Communications

preneurs from around the globe to invest or have an expansion plan in the Middle East by having their head offices located in UAE. Moreover, UAE has been for decades as a Regional and Global Business hub and currently proven itself on the world’s map by wining Expo 2020 as a key player in the world’s economy and being a home to most of the Nations as expatriates and Business investors and especially for young entrepreneurs.

Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director at BR Communications FZE said: “Market conditions are thriving in the UAE, business owners and entrepreneurs often lack the marketing expertise required to make an SME successful. The most successful SMEs are ones which use online and print marketing methods to expand their reach and draw in the right target. Marketing is a major aspect that SMEs and entrepreneurs need to pay attention to when establishing a new organisation.”

“As one of the new entrepreneurs that I have been working in UAE for almost 7 years, I would like to be thankful to UAE Government and everybody from people and organizations that supported me in my journey”, Added Bahaa Fatairy.


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