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Friday Brunch, BiCE Ristorante

By Afshan Jamal

BiCE is back with a fantastic new spin on their traditional Italian brunch. Located in the heart of the JBR, the cosy restaurant, nestled within the Hilton, boasts the perfect ambience surrounded by the beach and pool. The new set-up features a taste of Italy throughout the restaurant, allowing guests to wander between food stations and satisfy their meat and pasta cravings.

We started the meal by exploring a wide selection of salad and deli meats, set on a rustic cart along with a scrumptious array of cheese, including burrata and mozzarella balls, among others. Fresh bread is always a classic start to the Italian meal, but BiCE takes it to the next level. The cart houses a variety of breads, olives, and tomatoes, which were the perfect accompaniment to the cheese, tempting us to go back for more.

Next, came the fresh pasta station, where we had the option to customise our freshly made pasta with sauce and flavourings of our choice. The grill station, located outdoors, was fired up as we went over. Succulent steaks were cooked on the spot, perfectly to our liking. The station included an extensive range of meats and seafood including lamb chops, salmon, king prawns, chicken and, of course, smoked vegetables and sauces on the side.

The service at BiCE is one to be commended. Staff were extremely attentive and quick to respond to any requests we had. While most of the set-up had been converted to self-serve carts, some BiCE classics are still offered a la carte, such as pizza slices brought to the table and the ever-entertaining risotto with a special, “magical” showcase by the chef himself.

After being lulled into a food coma, we still had the dessert station to visit. Among classic puddings and macaroons, the star of the dessert, the tiramisu, is one that should not be missed. The classic Italian dessert was not overly sweet or bitter, with accents paired perfectly with a cup of cappuccino, bringing the meal to a perfect ending.

With a fresh spin on Italian food, BiCE only got better, and the brunch is a must-visit for Italian cuisine connoisseurs – it will definitely not disappoint!


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