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Minister of Economy to Participate in WTO Trade Policy Review

Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani

Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani

Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani will leave Tuesday to Geneva, leading a Qatari delegation to participate in the World Trade Organization’s second trade policy review, which will see the participation of all 160 member countries.

The Qatari delegation includes representatives from all state apparatuses concerned with trade, namely the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Qatar Central Bank, Qatari Customs, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The review will be held over two sessions; the first session will review the trade policies of the State of Qatar in light of Qatar National Vision 2030.

The participating delegations will be given the opportunity to direct their questions to the Qatari delegation regarding the policies. In the second session which will take place on April 24, the Qatari delegation will give answers to the questions raised during the first sessions. The first policy trade review of the State of Qatar was conducted in 2005, and was praised by member states for its role in improving the economy.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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