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Xi says China is ready to work with US to manage differences

China stands ready to work with the United States to properly manage differences, President Xi Jinping has said, according to a statement posted on the website of his country’s US embassy.

The Asian giant was ready to work to enhance exchanges and cooperation across the board, Xi said in a letter read by Qin Gang, its ambassador to the United States.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden hits the road on Wednesday to show off the huge new infrastructure bill passed last week, hoping to reap its benefits politically even as he watches his approval ratings slump.


US President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting. File photo

The Democratic president chose Baltimore, a port city less than an hour’s drive from Washington, to explain to the nation why and how the country will spend $1.2 trillion on its sagging infrastructure.

On Monday evening, in an interview on local television in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Democratic leader insisted it would only be a “matter of weeks” before the effects of the massive investment plan would start to be seen.


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