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UAE entrepreneur launches new digital menu app

VMenu, a new virtual menu app, has launched in the UAE.

Launched by one of Dubai’s youngest entrepreneurs and funded by an expat, the dedicated application software boasts a user-friendly interface. With VMenu, customers view their meals before ordering, study nutritional information, design their own custom-made orders and visualise different meals on the menu.

VMenu lists food on a menu digitally, breaking it down into ingredients used in the making and calculating the number of calories consumed. The calorie count can then be adjusted by adding, taking out or replacing one or more ingredients.

Customers can specify allergies, likes and dislikes and ensure that any restaurant using the app will make a note of preferences as the information is registered at the back-end. The web-based app can be accessed by scanning a QR code.

“VMenu has ensured that its subscribers don’t even need a tablet as all the information and applications are available on a QR code that can be accessed from a smart phone. We’re evolving and improve day after day. Some may call it Kaizen: we call it business as usual,” says Araj Hassan, the 21-year young CEO of VMenu.

VMenu stores personal preferences, provides and records real-time order tracking and history, as well as detailed knowledge of ingredients and their nutritional value.


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