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‘Twisted’ Korean street food concept opens at Conrad Dubai

The UAE has jumped aboard the Seoul train with the arrival of Kimpo, a new Korean bar and twisted street food kitchen at the five-star Conrad Dubai.

South Korea-born Chef Sung Choul Lee has created the all-new licensed street-level outlet with an authentic experience of chimaek – a portmanteau of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’ (Korean for hops).

In addition to Chef Lee and Kimpo’s staple custom-ordered fried chicken, foodies can find a full range of East Asian specialties, each with a twist, including Korean Bulgogi Sloppy Joe with kimchi and homemade BBQ sauce, an East-meets-West take on tacos served with slow-cooked minced meat, Korean pickled onions, kimchi mayonnaise and lettuce, and Kimpo Pizza with salmon, kimchi mayonnaise, yuzu jelly and sesame seeds, to name a few.

“From K-Pop and K-beauty to Korean foodie experiences, Korean culture is booming in popularity all over the world, including Dubai. Kimpo will show the city the real Korean way of life – chicken and hops,” says Chef Lee. “Offering fuss-free and simple twisted street food and a well-stocked bar, Kimpo will satisfy Dubai’s thirst for authentic food experiences.”

Yannis Manikis also joins the team as Executive Chef, bringing with him an innovative and passionate approach and a wealth of worldly experience from kitchens in Chicago, New York, Montreal, Athens and Dubai,


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