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Tafawuq FM offers FM services to Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities

Complementing one of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals; quality education, Tafawuq Facilities Management, a leading facilities management company in the UAE and a subsidiary of Eltizam Asset Management Group, has announced that it will offer FM support services to Al Noor Training Centre, an establishment that provides care and support to children with determination while nurturing their potential and independence. CSR is an important pillar under the company’s ‘Get Wonky’ program as it strives to make an impact on the communities it operates in. This is just one of 15 CSR projects undertaken by the company, which revolve around three key focus areas-waste, energy and society.

The donated services include replacement of old lights and light panels with new sustainable LED lights to improve lux levels as well as achieve a reduction in energy consumption that will ultimately help the environment and cut costs for Al Noor. Included also are elevator maintenance and tank cleaning – both of which have been listed as essential services for Al Noor’s operations.

Michael Nicholas, General Manager, Tafawuq Facilities Management, said: “This project comes under the ‘Society’ theme of our 2020 corporate social responsibility (CSR) program – the other two being ‘Waste’ and ‘Energy’. We are proud to be making a fitting contribution towards Al Noor Training Centre achieving its goals, and we have organized a visit so our employees can learn about the various classes, programs and opportunities the centre provides for more than 200 children from over 30 different countries. Every organization has a responsibility towards the society it serves and Tafawuq is looking forward to doing similar CSR event in the coming months and years.”

Ms. Ranjini Ramnath, Deputy Director, Al Noor Training Centre, said: “We are excited to be hosting employees from Tafawuq at our Training Centre and will always welcome individuals and companies looking to support our initiatives. It means a great deal for us that a company like Tafawuq have acknowledged their role in giving back to society and we appreciate their assistance moving forward.”

Tafawuq Facilities Management has grown rapidly to become one of the leading integrated facilities management companies in the market; providing integrated facilities management services to a more than 200 clients in various sectors across the UAE.


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