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Smart Chain Forum 2022: RAMZIQ Promises To Grow The UAE’s Immensely Blockchain Technology Ecosystem Through Its Annual Initiative

RAMZIQ, one of the new ultra-secure and user-friendly blockchain systems, has laid out its ambitious goals at its recently ended annual initiative at Smart Chain Forum in Dubai, which will be hosted on 13 November 2022 at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Its goal is to transform the UAE’s growing Blockchain technology ecosystem and introduce Blockchain into the lives of customers who do not presently have access to it. Currently, just 3% of all prospective consumers are aware of and have access to blockchain technology; RAMZIQ claims to be aiming for the remaining 97 per cent. 

The forum allows delegates to create thoughts and long-term techniques for improving the future of digital assets in the sixth age of technology. Several fascinating issues were discussed throughout the session. Mr Patrick Campos, Chief Strategy Officer, Securrency, was one of the essential presenters and discussed the “Future of Digital Assets and how blockchain is transforming the finance business.” A fascinating panel discussion on ‘Shaping the Future of Digital Assets in the Sixth Era of Innovation’ was also held.

Solaiman Al Rifai, Founding Partner at RAMZIQ, emphasised to industry executives and innovators at the forum that his business was motivated by the UAE’s objective to be a pioneer in Blockchain and is focused on delivering the technology to every person.

Addressing the Smart Chain Forum as a keynote speaker, Mr Al Rifai introduced the ZENIQ NFT Marketplace, which runs on the ZENIQ blockchain – through ZENIQ Marketplace, customers can discover, collect, and sell NFTs. Mr Rifai also went into detail on the ZENIQ App, one of the most intriguing items in the ZENIQ Ecosystem. The software functions as a smartphone’s secure wallet and has its management system. The app also has the first blockchain-enabled chat system that is decentralised and encrypted end to end. This chat system supports both video and speech. It also aids in the capability of switching significant currencies and tokens.

Additionally, the app is compatible with the ZENIQ debit card and the ZENIQ Hub – enabling the app to be biometrically secure, with recovery words support. “RAMZIQ wants to ensure people now have a digitalised ecosystem whereby they can use Blockchain technology and tokenisation for all their assets,” said Al Rifai. “As the tokenisation of digital assets proves central to the UAE’s financial roadmap, RAMZIQ will address a crucial market gap for the storage and security of digital assets.”

He also mentioned the RAMZIQ Tokenization Whitepaper, which discusses Blockchain as a critical facilitator of Web 3.0 and a full review of the ZENIQ blockchain ecosystem. The whitepaper goes into great depth on how tokenisation is the primary engine of the digital economy. “ZENIQ is opening the doors and making blockchain technology accessible to one and all and ensuring mass adoption of blockchain technology. The key focus for RAMZIQ through ZENIQ is to focus on the 97% of people who do not have access to blockchain technology,” added Al Rifai.  

Erwin Dokter, CEO of ZENIQ Corporation, comments, “According to forecasts, the tokenisation market will reach a global volume of around US$ 24 trillion by 2027. ZENIQ’s ecosystem and cutting-edge blockchain technology allow users to dive into this promising market.”


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