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Saudi woman breaks Guinness record in drawing the world’s largest coffee painting

Ohud Abdullah Almalki, known in KSA as ‘The Artist of the Nation’, has become the first Saudi woman to achieve a Guinness World Records title.

Almalki has drawn the largest coffee painting in the world using expired granules, illustrating seven renowned figures of Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring United Arab Emirates.

Bearing in mind waste, Almalki used approximately 4.5 kg of expired coffee powder only. She painted all the figures in hues of brown, mixing the coffee powder with water.

“Normally, only one kind of coffee is used in such paintings, but I have used four different shades of brown coffee. I used several rollers and paint brushes of different sizes to finish this project,” she says.

Women in Saudi Arabia have taken part in previous Guinness World Records attempts, but this is the first time a Saudi woman achieves one on her own.


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