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Kleindienst Group builds hanging garden with 100,000 green plants in The Heart of Europe

A vertical hanging garden comprising 100,000 green plants is being added to The Heart of Europe, four kilometres off the coast of Dubai.

The green living wall will add to the biodiversity, as it will attract bees, butterflies and birds, while keeping the building cooler and reducing the hotels’ overall carbon footprint.

A series of micro-jungles and vertical hanging gardens, a rainy street offering cool showers during the hot summer season, solar power, the re-creation of coral reefs and expansion of marine habitat, and solar-powered hotel suites that backed with a ‘zero-discharge policy’ – are some of the key features of the island.

Developed by Kleindienst Group, The Heart of Europe is a $5 billion (AED 18.3 billion) master-planned second home and tourism island destination. The project is being developed within the World Islands – a cluster of 300 man-made islands off the coast of Dubai’s Jumeirah district.

“Zero discharge was almost impossible on an island tourism destination and unthinkable a few years ago. However, it is becoming a reality now, thanks to the development of environmental engineering and technology. We are now able to achieve zero discharge at the Heart of Europe,” says Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group.

“Once completed, it will be the world’s first sustainable island tourism destination with a zero-discharge policy. This means, there will be no discharge into the sea waters!”

The Heart of Europe will host nearly 4,000 accommodation units spread across 15 hotels, 10 Beach Palaces on its Sweden Island, 32 luxury villas on Germany Island, 141 Floating Seahorse Villas, and between 8,000 to 15,000 people including staff at its peak.


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