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JW Marriott Muscat cooks up new range of cheesecakes for Eid Al Adha

JW Marriott Muscat has introduced a new range of cheesecakes for Eid Al Adha, and for International Cheesecake Day.

Starting from July 30, 2020, guests can choose from the JW Signature, a Classic NY Baked Raspberry Cheesecake, or be among the first to try the hotel’s new and exclusive Omani Qahwa Cheesecake.

Introduced by Executive Chef Angelos Kallinteris, who stumbled across it while visiting the cheesecake capital of the world, New York City, the secret recipe has become his pride and joy.

Bringing it to Oman for the first time, JW Marriott Muscat decided to make it a duo by adding its own twist, combining traditional Omani spices and qahwa (coffee beans).


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