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IKEA donates snack packages to Dubai Heathy Authority frontliners

The recent pandemic has given birth to new heroes, healthcare professionals and frontliners, who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed their safety to keep the UAE community safe.

During the holy month of Ramadan begins, IKEA has donated more than 600 snack packages to the Dubai Health Authority to recognise the efforts and celebrate the hard work and commitment of the front-line heroes who are contributing to in the battle against COVID-19.

Vinod Jayan, managing director, at IKEA said, ‘’At IKEA, we want to create a positive impact for the many people we cater to and even more so in times of crisis. The Dubai Health Authority has put a strong healthcare system in place with front-liners working day and night, contributing to the fight to make the UAE COVID-19 free. Ramadan this year will be about accepting new norms; it’s the month of giving and sharing. While we remain safe at home and are able to join our families for Iftar, our front-line heroes are determined to continue protecting the community from COVID-19. We want to show our appreciation for these heroes as they work tirelessly every day and thank them for their dedication and sacrifice in such unprecedented times.’’

The snack packages included non-perishable food items from IKEA’s Swedish Food Market that can be consumed as they break their fast or as quick snacks while working long hours to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

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