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DMT Discusses Improvements to The Unified Electronic System for Building Permits

The Department of Municipalities and Transport held a virtual workshop as part of a series of workshops to alert customers about the improvements made to the unified electronic system for building permits, attended by more than 400 experts, specialists and representatives of consulting offices across the Emirate.

The workshop comes within the periodic communication plan with the building and construction sector to present and discuss developments in the improvements to the unified electronic system for building permits.

The system has introduced a number of improvements as part of a set of enhancements carried out periodically to ensure alleviating the quality and efficiency of procedures, such as optional inspection named “structural inspection application for amendment requests” available only in permits amendments, updating forms, updating permits and certificates, as well as adding the service of “application for permission to install billboards on the temporary fence.”

Engineer Ali Shujaa Al-Afifi, Director of Construction and Permits Division at the Department of Municipalities and Transport said: “The launch of these improvements come within the department’s focus to take all measures to develop its services in order to enhance the position of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as one of the best cities worldwide for investment and residence in a way that achieves the vision of our rational leadership.”

He pointed out that within the next short period, the improvements of the electronic system for building permits will include, cancellation of drafts after 30 days from the date of initiating the application, cancellation of the outstanding applications at the customer 30 days after the return of the application and adding (approvals and conditions) page for customers where it shows only the projects with unfulfilled conditions, and one can also view the conditions report by clicking on an icon next to the project.

Also, the workshop discussed a number of topics such as the assessment of the design consultant, the assessment of the supervision consultant and contractor during implementation, and the final handover, the periodic meeting of the customers, approvals such as the approval of the Environment Authority, the approval of Abu Dhabi Police on the plans of the early warning system, the change of the dimensions of the land during the course of the project, and the establishment of a project on more than one land.


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