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Deliveroo supports 24,500 jobs through partner restaurants in the UAE, study reveals

A new report by Capital Economics, titled ‘The Value of Delivery Services’, surveyed Deliveroo’s restaurant partners and found that the provider protected thousands of jobs globally between April and June 2020. 

The report estimates that the ability to provide delivery services has supported around 24,500 jobs in Deliveroo’s partner restaurants in UAE, and an associated turnover of AED 2.3 billion for partner restaurants in UAE over the period between April and June.                                                                                   

On average, 38% of employees in Deliveroo’s partner restaurants said they continued to work because of delivery services, which is higher than the 17 percent that continued to work because of government schemes, again underlining the critical role of delivery in sustaining economic activity.

The Capital Economics report states, “Delivery services have helped keep parts of the hospitality sector operating in a challenging environment and the cost to the government would have been even higher without them. They have helped to keep more people at work in the hospitality sector, which has been one of the hardest hit sectors from lockdown restrictions and changes in peoples’ behaviour.”

The study also found that, in 2019/20, Deliveroo’s operations in the UAE supported 5,100 jobs across the UAE economy, 1,200 of which were in small, independent restaurants and their supply chains, and 3,600 of which were in larger chain restaurants and their supply chains. 

During 2019/20, Deliveroo generated an additional AED 861 million in revenue for the UAE economy. Since the lockdown, Deliveroo has on boarded 2,600 new partners on to the platform for the first time to offer delivery services with a total of 4,300 restaurants.


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