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Cravia Group reopens all UAE venues

Cravia Group, the parent company behind Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Zaatar w Zeit and Five Guys, has announced the reopening of all branches in the UAE, while ensuring all precautionary measures are taken in accordance with the conditions and recommendations set by the UAE’s Department of Economic Development.

The company confirmed that all its restaurants will continue operations and welcome visitors while maintaining 30% capacity within branches and maintaining a distance of no less than two metres between visitors.

It also announced that the number of diners at the table would not exceed four and utmost care will be taken to sterilise tables and chairs with disinfectants after each use.

In addition to all the precautionary measures that the company is undertaking to preserve the public health and safety, it is obligatory for employees to wear face masks and gloves, change them frequently, record temperature, wash hands and sterilise them often.

The company is also taking extra precautions with its food delivery services, by providing safe transportation for bikers, cleaning the internal and external parts of food preservation units, and the use of sterilisers and disinfectants before and after each delivery.


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