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Check out this resin kitchen island by Wood Culture

Wood Culture has announced its latest bespoke project for one of its customers. Created in collaboration with local artist Chandni, Wood Culture have constructed a unique resin kitchen island that resembles a beach setting. Taking inspiration from Bora Bora, the brief was to bring a piece of nature into the interiors of the client’s home and transport all who come into its presence straight to the beach.

Taking five weeks from brief to inception, artist Chandni captured the design in three weeks following a two-week creation process from the team at Wood Culture. The procedure included underpainting by the artist followed by layers and layers of resin placed in synchronising colours over the coming days. The tabletop was then transferred to the Wood Culture workshop for final resin moulding followed by sanding before the finished masterpiece was ready to be sent to its new home in Dubai.

Chandni commented: “The client had a clear vision and after consulting with them, I created a sketch and a mini example to move forward with the actual kitchen island which was 200cmX135cm in size.”

Jacob George, founder at Wood Culture, said: “This is the first resin kitchen island Wood Culture has fashioned at this scale; however, we aim to produce more commissions for this collection for other clients with resin artists in the future. We love to work with local talent in the region and can’t wait to continue these sort of collaborations as our business grows.”

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