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Carnival By Trèsind restaurant introduces Asian menu for new season

Carnival By Trèsind restaurant, located in DIFC, has launched a new menu.

The menu includes highlights such as Quick Noodle, a live noodle dish with homemade fresh noodles, tossed with sauces, accompaniments and chicken and Chicken Supreme, a live preparation of a sizzler with a tender piece of the supreme cut of the chicken, cooked with oyster mushrooms and served on a hot griddle, Japanese style.

It also features seafood, with dishes such as Soft Shell Crab with Chili Basil and Peanut Pesto. Another highlight of the menu is the Grilled Thai Chicken – Reduced Thai chicken curry, grilled on a charcoal, in which the chicken is not marinated, but braised and then grilled on charcoal, offering very robust flavors.


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