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Qatar Stock Exchange Down 243.97 Points

Qatar Stock Exchange

Qatar Stock Exchange

The Qatar Exchange down on Tuesday 243.97 points or 1.94% to 12,327.62 points from the previous closing of 12,571.59.

The volume of shares traded fell to 23,357,532 from 25,596,715 Monday, and the value of shares increased to QR1,050,108,511.54 from QR979,246,244.78 Monday.

Among the top losers were Dlala whose share dropped 8.22% to QR43.00, Islamic Holding lost 6.44 to QR122.00, Qatar Oman fell 5.98% to QR15.10 and National Leasing down 5.69% to QR20.05.

Today the Qatar Banking and Financial sector down 0.75 points while the Insurance sector added 0.64 points. The industrial sector was lost 1.38 points while consumer good and service sector dropped 2.73 points.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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