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Premier Logistics: Strength & Resilience of employees is key to overcoming obstacles posed by COVID-19

In an exclusive to Logistics News ME, Pervaz Moosakutty – General Manager, Premier Logistics, told us how the company is overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19

The current Health Pandemic (COVID-19) has created quite a few challenges – measures that had to be put in place in double quick time, paramount being the safety of our staff, operational hurdles that had to conveyed to our clients and how the organization would work around new ways of doing things but ensure that we continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

The key success to any organization is the strength and resilience of the employees. And that was our priority. It was the message we wanted to convey internally that the health and well-being of our team was top priority and no compromises on that count. Firstly we wanted to re-assure them that there would be no layoffs or redundancies, secondly how we protect them and even convey to their family and friends of re-assurance and positivity during the difficult days that might lie ahead. They key to that also was following the UAE Government guidelines and regular notifications that came across for safety and well-being of all residents.

Protective equipment, ensuring adequate supplies of basic medical tools such as gloves, masks and sanitizers was immediately made available throughout the 3 sites that we operate from and also the basic hygiene standards that visitors must adhere to.

In addition we started to roll out Work from Home schedules for the teams that emphasized on staying at home and protecting the society.

From an operational standpoint even though there has been a slight decrease in the volumes we see more inquiries and additional volumes that have come on board due to certain restrictions worldwide. Our Freight team has also been busy with quite a few charter inquiries for medical equipment. We have also reached out to our clients to reassure them that we will take that extra effort to ensure that their business continues to operate as smoothly as possible and kept our key personnel on standby in case of any emergencies.

This crisis will in future help us understand how we adapt to change and certainly best practices that we need to endure for ourselves, organizations and society at large.


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