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LNME Power 25 CEOs 2020: Ahmad Aljemaiei, CEO at Posta Plus Group, Ranks 16

For our special feature, with close to 100 submissions from all over the GCC and the Middle East, the Logistics News ME team gives you a round-up of the Top 25 CEOs in the Logistics Industry.

Ranking 16 – Ahmad Aljemaiei, CEO at Posta Plus Group

Kuwaiti-based company Posta Plus was founded in 2005 and has since enjoyed balanced growth, evolving from a simple domestic courier company into a leading regional provider of global business, logistics and shipping solutions.
Leading the charge is 32-year-old Ahmad Aljemaiei, CEO of Posta Plus Group, who joined Posta Plus in 2015 and has quickly risen up the ranks as one of top CEO’s in the region. Throughout his career, Ahmad held a number of senior management positions with notable logistics companies such as DHL. His responsibilities have included global network strategy, strategic sales, and business development.
After acquiring the Board of Directors trust to manage the group in early march this year He has put together a highly skilled team of specialists to create a borderless world that curtails trade barriers for a seamless and convenient flow of parcels. Furthermore, Ahmad was responsible for transforming underperforming operations, optimizing processes, and procedures, and driving sales teams to breakthrough results within a short span of time introducing different markets into our region with partnering up with the biggest E-com Platforms known to the Arab world
Posta Plus vision is global as they strive to connect the globe’s logistical and supply chain resources into a single intelligent platform that overcomes fulfillment challenges and optimizes convenient shipping and logistics solutions for business organizations across a wide range of locations including the GCC, Jordan, Asia, Egypt, North America, Europe and soon Turkey.
Ahmad told LNME: “For more than a decade, our most important resources are our human capital who are supported by innovative systems and processes, which has in turn helped Posta Plus to plan, execute and oversee the most convenient logistics and shipping solutions that provide business organizations with fast transit times and seamless connections to their desired locations following the world of blockchain innovation tailored to the GCC region as a start.”


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