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Grandweld awarded contract to build two crew boats for global marine operations

Grandweld Shipyards, a leading UAE-based ship repair and conversion facility, concluded 2019 by securing a deal with Global Marine Ship Management and Operations (GMO) to build and deliver two new 42-meter crew boats. The contract yields significant value for both companies as it enables the opportunity to boost business, strengthen business to client relations, enhance maritime stature, and ultimately build up the economy of both the country and region.

Eng. Jamal Abki, General Manager of Grandweld Shipyard emphasized, “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with GMO and close out the year on such a high note. Since our birth in 1984, we have constantly sought out methods of growing both internally and externally. Accordingly, this union reinforces the repeated and successful implementation of a meticulous strategy that we have administered over 35 years. Grandweld’s strength lies in our specialization of design, builds and maintenance of ships and boats. After engaging in productive discussions with GMO and tactically examining its future ambitions, we are confident that these new designs will be of great value for them in the coming decade and beyond. Additionally, we are optimistic that the delivery of our new generation 42-meter crew boats will further develop our strong and long-lasting partnership for many years to come.”

Economic Enhancement

With Oil & Gas activity rising regionally, Grandweld’s delivery of crew boats to GMO will be of great monetary benefit to GMO’s operations and the Middle East economy. Shahram Nazemi, Managing Director of Global Marine Ship Management and Operations clarified, “While we have provided a full range of offshore marine support services to the industry since 1997, we only officially established ourselves in the UAE in 2009. This development allowed us to cater to the country’s project needs and also boost our credibility by showcasing our expertise in chartering vessels in support activities for all kinds of offshore activity. With the addition of Grandweld’s two crew boats to our fleet, GMO looks forward to reinforcing our status as a preferred provider of offshore marine services to clients within the industry, while maintaining quality performance based on safety and the highest environmental standards.”

GMO is currently most active in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, but their presence also extends to locations like South America and Southeast Asia. A majority of GMO’s 14 vessel fleet in the UAE is comprised of crew boats and this new deal with Grandweld will witness this number grow to 16.

Abki elaborated, “Grandweld’s pride has always been embedded in our ‘Made in the UAE’ brand. Representing a country which prides itself in excellence has directly translated to the way in which we operate. This entails completing and delivering projects in a timely fashion, working around the clock to provide the highest quality services at competitive prices, and ensuring our clients immediate and long-term needs are consistently met without fail. Likewise, this deal with GMO is yet another opportunity that allow us to uplift and exemplify the country’s elite stature.”

Timeless Collaboration

Grandweld’s dependability in construction and delivery of their services was a determining factor in GMO’s decision to award the renowned UAE shipyard with the aforementioned contract. Shortly after GMO’s establishment, Grandweld provided its services by building and delivering three vessels to spearhead the growth of GMO’s fleet. The reliable and innovative quality of Grandweld’s provisions is what GMO credits for shaping a bond between the two companies. Moreover, with a majority of GMO’s fleet having been built nearly five years ago, the company is seeking to modernize and further improve its current fleet.

Nazemi commented saying, “Our primary focus has always been rooted in ensuring the utmost safety and quality of our vessels. In 2019, we once again successfully witnessed this carried out. However, despite our stable and steady growth in the global maritime market, we are adamant on elevating our operations to the next level and this collaborative effort with Grandweld allows us to deliberately achieve just that. With the new decade upon us, we anticipate the demand for our vessels increasing. Thus, understanding the excellence of Grandweld’s past deliveries, we view this order of two new crew boat as mandatory for our fleet to be up to date with the latest maritime standards.”

In addition to a prior partnership, Grandweld’s comprehension of GMO’s requirements from both communication and demand standpoints is what both companies have recognized as the backbone of their alliance. Furthermore, GMO has also acknowledged Grandweld’s high regard for quality and safety as a supporting force, having witnessed zero accidents over the span of two decades of cooperation.


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