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Automation enables Mai Dubai to meet soaring demand for bottled water

Mai Dubai, a bottled water company fully owned by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), revealed that it has been able to successfully address more than 15 per cent increase in demand for bottled water, thanks to the company’s advanced technological capabilities and a fully automated production unit. With eight fully automated production lines that are seamlessly integrated to two high bay warehouses, one for raw material and the other for finished goods, Mai Dubai has taken the lead step in technology adoption in the bottled water industry.

The operations of the facility are fully automated, starting from the arrival of raw material in the warehouses till the very end, contributing to 100 per cent hands-free operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) platforms are smartly integrated to ensure smart and smooth intra-logistics. Digitally operated crane systems, lifts, monorails and conveyors receive the packaging material and store them in high bay warehouse to be issued to the production lines when demanded by the ERP. The finished goods are then collected from the production lines and stacked in high bay warehouse.

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai, said: “We have been able to effortlessly address the increasing demand for our products with highest efficiencies, optimized transactions, improved productivity and highly streamlined operations, thanks to our commitment to technology adoption. We are currently witnessing a ‘flight to quality’ as consumers prefer a trusted brand, like Mai Dubai during challenging times such as this. The advanced, flexible technical robotic solutions that we use give us a competitive advantage, helping us achieve fast turnaround times, full traceability and error free transactions.”

“Artificial Intelligence-enabled and powered with smart data, our facility continues to run at a production capacity of over 1.5 million units per day. What’s more, the fully automated facility eliminates the need for human touch, from the receipt of packing materials all the way to the issuance of product to the sales vehicles,” he concluded.

The Mai Dubai plant is powered with an 18.1 MW capacity roof top solar system, which is the highest solar capacity used in the global beverage industry. The company strives to provide innovative, safe, and efficient products and services while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.


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