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Two Turkish Dubai restaurants to launch monthly street market pop-ups

Two of Dubai’s Turkish restaurants, Babaji and Butcha, have teamed up to launch monthly street market pop-ups, namely ‘How Bazaar’, at City Walk.

Kicking off on October 29, and running through to October 31, the first of the monthly series will showcase the culture, tradition, and history of the transcontinental nation. Open daily between 12:30pm and 10pm, ‘How Bazaar’ will feature food stalls serving traditional Çiğ köfte and Turkish delicacies, alongside an array of family-friendly entertainment.

The open-air Bazaar will provide visitors with a true authentic Turkish foodie experience starting with a traditional welcome of complimentary lemonade and a Cokonat (famed local chocolate wafer).

Guests can then wander sampling delicious koftes at the food stations, or satisfy their sweet tooth with delicacies from Bakkal and Maras Turca, two key suppliers of Turkish F&B products in the UAE, which includes Turkish delight, classic Turkish tea and coffee, and baklava. Insta-worthy ice cream shows, complete with ‘Dondurma’ where the vendor churns the ice cream mixture with a long-handled paddle, will take place throughout.

Those wanting to take the foodie experience home can select from Butcha’s delectable cuts of meat available at their butcher shop, with a 10 per cent discount butcher shop voucher provided to all ‘How Bazaar’ visitors. Babaji and Butcha will also be providing visitors with a 20 per cent discount dining voucher redeemable throughout the month of November.

“We will be transporting guests from the pavements of City Walk to the streets of Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Izmir,” says Ahmet H. Demir, Operations Manager for Babaji & Butcha. “For thousands of years, Turkey has been a gateway between east and west, a crossroads of people, culture, tradition and food – the monthly Turkish Bazaars will celebrate this historic and extremely tasty diversity, provided by two of Dubai’s most celebrated Turkish dining destinations, Babaji and Butcha.”

Served until 4pm, the Babaji set breakfast is packed with lip-smacking staples such as tahin and pekmez; pumpkin jam; blackberry jam; mixed olives; cheese platter; acuka (walnut paste); butter; olive oil; tomato & cucumber; honey and kaymak; grilled sucuk; sigara boregi and pishi, all served with freshly baked Turkish bread for AED 89 for two.

Meanwhile, Butcha’s Turkish breakfast set menu is available until 1pm and includes a choice of egg (boiled, cheese, or potato, menemen, sahanda-fried, or fried with sucuk); Turkish cheese platter (Turkish feta, Izmir tulum, cecile cheese, kavurma, with grilled sucuk); green and black olives; rustic bread and simit; tomato, cucumber, parsley, dill and mint; honey and clotted cream; Nutella, butter and jam served with orange juice and unlimited tea for AED 115 for two.


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