May 31, 2023

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Top 10 Things To Do At Mango House Seychelles


Set amidst the rugged beauty of the Seychelles on a private estate, Mango House Seychelles sits on the edge of Anse Aux Poules Bleues. A true maverick of contemporary island living, guests can discover the crystal waters, pristine white sands, and verdant flora of the island. With no shortage of adventures, here are the top 10 things to do at Mango House Seychelles:

  1. Experience Seychellois culture

Seychellois are proud of their heritage and live in peaceful and close-knit communities, therefore for travelers craving unfiltered and authentic cultural experiences, south Mahé will satiate the soul. Mango House Seychelles can be the base for any adventure, with a dedicated on-site team that can help to arrange tours and experiences around Mahé and the surrounding islands.

During a stay in the Seychelles, it is easy to immerse yourself in this way of life, however, for guests looking to gain a deeper understanding of Seychellois life and culture, Mahé’s Patrimwann (or Heritage Trail) is a must-visit. It comprises four attractions that highlight the country’s Kreol heritage, including the Kreol Institute, Domaine de Val des Près (Craft Village), La Bastille and the Ecomuseum (or Ecomusée La Planie St. Andre).

While Victoria may be the smallest capital in the world, it’s filled with delights and is just the right size for a truly enjoyable walking tour. Start early with a stroll through the vibrant Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. With aromas of fresh spices permeating the air, bargains being bartered in Creoleand colourful displays of fruit, vegetables and tropical seafood, it’s a feast for the all the senses.

  • Meet your tribe at Kokoye

Intimately local, the distinctive character and unique history of the Seychelles anchors the sense of community and belonging echoes across the House, bringing life to a warm and inclusive environment, abundant with stories to be told by each team member.

Guests can make new friends over cocktails at the spice route-inspired experience at the Indo-Seychellois Kokoye, complete with expert mixology featuring an extensive range of infused gins and spirits from across the globe, as well as the local island vanilla rum. As the spirits flow so will conversation, as all are welcomed to join in the fun and dance the night away to the live band, DJs, and endless entertainment.

Mango House Seychelles is a canvas for both immersion and togetherness, stepping away from the traditional ideas of island travel which is usually a place of seclusion and privacy, and instead, welcoming community and togetherness, acting as a central hub to explore the islands from, and always return to.

  • Take a Painting Class

Whilst staying at Mango House Seychelles, guests have ample opportunity to appreciate the work of local artists and meet the maestros whose work is celebrated throughout the property.

Amateur artists can also join resident artist and storyteller, Nigel, for a solo painting session, embracing their own natural creativity while listening to his tales of the Seychelles, “it is not just about the painting, it’s playing with colour, time to join together and build a community whilst being surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Seychelles.”

  • Explore the local Artisan workshops

Just a few kilometres from Mango House Seychelles, legendary artist Michael Adams and his two equally talented children, Tristan and Alyssa work together in a charming studio-gallery space. Their deep love for nature and the environment runs through their art like a golden thread and also comes to the fore in the warm welcome they extend to an array of furry, feathered, finned and reptilian friends who have found a home in the gorgeous Adam’s garden. 

Should your adventures take you further north, set your course for Machabee where ceramicist, Zara Alberts creates pieces that are both functional and exquisite. Aptly named Seyramics, her brand is all about hand-crafted charm inspired by the island’s botanical and marine life. 

  • Hike through undisturbed Nature

Contrasting the pristine white sandy beaches, the striking granite mountains are beckoning to be explored and discovered by thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. The team at Mango House can guide you on the wealth of hikes that take you into the very heart of Mahé’s spectacular natural beauty; the Morne Seychellois National Park is home to a network of trails that vary in length and physical difficulty, offering panoramic views, picturesque photo opportunities, dreamy waterfalls, and fascinating ecology.

  • Discover the flavours of the Creole world

Seychellois Creole cuisine combines the exoticism of Indian and Asian dishes with the piquant flavours of the Orient, as well as some subtleties of European culinary culture.

These elements then find their culinary expression in a unique fusion of influences. Discover local favourites from fragrant curries and freshly caught seafood, to the islands signature grilled breadfruit. Legend has it that a traveller who eats from the breadfruit tree while in the Seychelles is fated to return to its sandy shores.

Join the fire dancers at Moutya, named so after the dance evoking the spirit of freedom, for a fuss-free evening under the stars and indulge in local favourites. Dishes include Gato Piman, traditional chili cakes made with red split lentils, chili, and fragrant spices, Poulet Boucane, smoked chicken best enjoyed with a vibrant local BBQ sauce and sweet potato fries, and sustainably caught Slipper Lobster, delicately sweet and served with a savoury seaweed butter sauce, grilled green chards and zesty lime, and honey dressing.

  • Visit the giant Aldabra Tortoises

Let spontaneity be your guide and take a journey to explore the neighbouring islands. The team at Mango House Seychelles is on hand to curate the perfect island-hopping tour for you and your tribe, where you can discover the gentle giant, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. Endemic to the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, these fascinating creatures can grow up to 250kg and live to 150 years old. Discover the wonders of the archipelago before returning home to Mango House.

  • Find peace at Anpe

Meaning “at peace” in creole, Anpe stays true to its name and promise, offering glittering views over the ocean while relaxing the mind and body with personalized treatments from skilled therapists.

Experience Seychellois inspired signature treatments featuring locally sourced products from the home-grown Belliche, good for both the soul and environment. This includes Lavi Anpe, which isdesigned to leave guests floating in paradise and features Mango House Seychelles’ signature Banana Oil and warmed granite stones.

  • Dive the pristine coral reefs

Offering some of the best diving in the Indian Ocean, spanning across 1,100kms of crystal-clear waters, allow the team at Mango House Seychelles find your perfect diving experience. 

In partnership with the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, learn more about the natural beauty of the islands and endless preservation efforts they have put in place over the past 25 years, from turtle hatching to coral reef restoration and education. They offer guided snorkelling to educate guests on the importance of coral, how to spot healthy coral and identify the different species of fish, as well as discover the vivid and vibrant marine life, including green turtles, hawksbill turtles, grey and silver tip reef sharks, lionfish, and stingrays beneath the surface.

  1. Kayak through the wetlands

Be whisked away for an offroad discovery through South Mahé as you take to the wetlands that surround. Gently paddle through the waters and embrace nature on an eco-friendly kayak, before discovering a hidden beach that rewards only the most intrepid of explorers.

Mango House Seychelles, LXR Hotels & Resorts is located at Anse Aux Poules Bleus, Baie Lazare, Mahé, Seychelles.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit or call +248 439 7 000.


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