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The right fit: Tailormade

Assaad Assaad, CEO at Tailormade, tells us about one of Dubai’s most well-established uniform suppliers, and what it’s doing beyond fittings for top corporations.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you came about starting Tailormade?
I come from a hospitality background; I obtained my BA from AIM Paris, a university that specialises in Hotel Management. After that, I completed several internships across various industries in Dubai, before becoming an HR Director at an airline company.

My work experience showed me how important a professional image was, especially where uniforms were required. It’s an inescapable necessity! This is how the company was born. 

We later expanded to offering an alteration service, as well as a shoe and bag repairs, and was able to successful open ten branches throughout Dubai while offering door-to-door home service.

What are the elements that go into making a well-fitted and high-quality uniform?
The quality of the seams and the sewing itself: it’s that hidden element that the naked eye doesn’t necessarily see, but makes a world of a difference when it comes to what true bespoke tailoring is all about. 

Who are your main clients and what’s the market dynamic like in Dubai?
Our main clients for uniforms are big corporates. Our retail outlets cater to a diverse market from locals to expats, across all ages. 

What are your expansion plans?
With a presence only in Dubai right now, I would like to expand to the UAE as a whole, and perhaps even the GCC.

What makes professional tailoring and alteration important?
We make a judgment call about a person within the first five seconds of meeting them. Clothes play a big role in this, and a well-fitted suit or outfit doesn’t just boost a person’s self-esteem, but also drastically improves how we’re being perceived. 


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