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Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria – Egypt

Located at ‘the pearl of the Mediterranean’, we’re unsure whether this Radisson Blu property was fortunate enough to be situated in one of the most important cities in Egypt – both historically and culturally – or if it was Alexandria that had the advantage of housing such a hotel on its lands.

As we approach the upscale Alex West compound, it’s clear to us that Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria boasts some major relaxation factors. Set amid a tranquil plot, it’s a vast property standing 20 minutes away from Burj Al Arab Airport.

The massive lobby welcomes you with a distinctive air of understated elegance. There are plenty of blues, in an ode to the brand, and hints of red, and check-in is fast and smooth. The spacious Business Class guest rooms are similar to suites, and all types of accommodation total into 262 units, spread across the property’s two ‘wings’. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the side where the main pool was due to maintenance works, but the opposite one was more than enough.

The Garden Room overlooks the Golf Course, along with a small pond and the great blue sea and skies. The view is phenomenal, and the room amenities complement it, all brand new and selected to ensure an optimum experience, including the Smart TV and exceptionally fast Wi-Fi, which is available at every single corner of the hotel.

It’s quite hard to leave the room, especially as the beds and sofas are some of the most comfortable you’ll ever find, but we had to try out the culinary offerings – and we weren’t disappointed. The hotel features Fanar restaurant, which offers international cuisine, in addition to Italian fare at Filini, Egyptian food at Al Kahn, beverages and snacks at Cosmo Café, the Sports and Vital Bars, and the Golf Club.

A firm favourite, the Golf Club oozes gentlemen’s lounge vibes, with big-screen TVs and wooden interiors. The menu doesn’t disappoint, with meaty steaks, super fresh sandwiches and all-round phenomenal food and service standards. We must highlight the fact that Radisson is a winner when it comes to cleanliness, and the Club follows suit.

Fanar cooks up a real dinner treat, too. The hotel offers the flexibility of giving you the choice to ‘eat whatever, wherever,’ so you can have some of the meals served in any setting you prefer (subject to staff’s approval), and we recommend this venue for the jumbo shrimps and seafood salad. This is also where breakfast is served, a la carte given the current pandemic-related circumstances, yet beautifully presented, nevertheless.

The morning meal changes every day to keep things fun, with Egyptian additions such as fava beans and traditional falafel. Plus, viennoiserie, cold cuts, sausages, made-to-order eggs and more. Complementing the food is the service, which is swift, accommodating and pleasant – the F&B team at Radisson Blu, Alexandria knows what it takes to create an experience.

The same ethos extends to the staff by the pool, a smaller rooftop family-friendly haven, which is an extension to the spa. There’s plenty of fun to be had, and delicious snacks, too. We could have stayed there all day – and we actually did. Had the Stanley Pool been open, with its built-in Jacuzzi and bar, we presume it would have been impossible to leave the hotel altogether.

It’s also noteworthy that the hotel houses the Alexandrina Hall for meetings and events, which caters to the business community within Egypt and from abroad.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria runs on the effortless mastery of Hospitality, in every sense of the word. It stands strong amid the pandemic and is a reflection of the grandeur of the city to which it belongs. For the discerning guest, the property is certainly worthy of repeat stays and fond memories.


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