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New burger concept by Chef Izu Ani lands in Dubai

Chef Izu Ani has launched Izu Burger in Dubai; the renowned chef brings a new meaning to dirty burgers, made with clean, high-quality ingredients. The menu consists of three burgers, Izu Fries and a signature Passionfruit Cheesecake.

Handmade by Chef Izu, the burgers are filled with layers of tender meat stacked with melted cheese and signature sauce. The menu includes the Potato Bun Burger, made with a choice of Australian Wagyu Beef or 150-day grain fed Canadian Beef, topped with melted Emmental Swiss Cheese, signature sauce and a pillowy Potato Bun that soaks up all of the juices. 

The Milk Baguette Burger comprises a classic French-shaped bread, filled with a choice of Australian Wagyu Beef or 150-day grain fed Canadian Beef, Emmental Swiss Cheese and signature sauce. The Trio of Sliders includes three mini 150-day grain-fed Canadian beef burgers with Emmental Swiss Cheese and signature sauce in a potato bun. Diners are encouraged to make it a meal with the addition of Izu Fries, thick wedges of potato with a crisp skin and fluffy consistency, drizzled with a spicy sauce, shavings of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano and mixed spices.

Those who like to get saucy can lather their burgers and fries in the Rich & Smokin’ BBQ sauce and the Young & Punchy Tartar sauce.

No menu by Chef Izu would be complete without a signature cheesecake. Izu Burger serves a light, creamy slice, topped with an invigorating layer of zesty, tropical Passionfruit, providing the sweet ending.

Chef Izu Ani, Concept Creator of Izu Burger says, “Everything in life has a cause and effect, it is the attention we pay and the work we put into something that makes it stand out from the rest. With Izu Burger, I wanted to make juicy, tasty burgers, with clean, conscious ingredients so that we can trust in what we are putting into our bodies. Yes, enjoy a dirty burger, but eat one made with pure intentions and carefully sourced flavours. Make it a part of your lifestyle, without restrictions, and use the energy to fuel your next adventure.”

Izu Burger is live on Deliveroo, with locations for the first Izu Burger Joints planned to open in Dubai and New York in early 2022. 


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