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Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown showcases art installation by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol Studio has made its Middle East debut with a permanent public art piece showcased in the reception area of the newly opened Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown.

Refik Anadol began the artistic process by harnessing a vast dataset from sensors that collected wind speed, direction, gust patterns and the temperature of Dubai, and then processed them through a unique algorithm specifically designed for the work.

As the machine created its own patterns and connections between these data points, it also translated temperature data into a dynamic colour palette that closely resembles the surrounding landscape.

The resulting artwork streamed data into experimental Niagara features that generated fluid-form visuals – a visual interpretation of the fluidity of interactions between the environment and the city. Each chapter of the work brings different aspects of the data sets to life with distinct aesthetics, creating a meditative, yet entrancing experience.

Wind of Dubai is juxtaposed against four individual and uniquely designed reception desks, which are layered with finishes reflecting a facet of the rich and varied Emirati heritage. 

Wind of Dubai was selected to be a part of Dubai Design Week 2020, the region’s largest creative festival which takes place from November 9-14, 2020.


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