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DAMAC Properties inaugurates first residential community wave pool in the UAE

DAMAC Hills has inaugurated a new wave, beach pool named Malibu Bay.

DAMAC Hills is the only residential community in the UAE to have such a wave pool. At approximately 24,700 square feet, the pool is about one and a half times as big as a professional Hockey rink. The waves are created by a giant Belgium-imported wave ball, which plunges up and down in a gated area in the centre of the pool.

“While the UAE has several artificial islands, I haven’t seen anything like the wave pool in Malibu Bay. It’s definitely unique and one of a kind. From a creative standpoint, you really feel like you are in California’s Malibu Bay, with the serene green landscape, palm trees surrounding the wave pool and the graffiti artwork and surfboards integrated into the design,” says Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC.

“There has been a lot of exciting chatter from residents about the beach and the opening is really a milestone for DAMAC Hills, which continues to offer its residents unique attractions.”

Spanning across a 72,000 square foot area, Malibu Bay is fully equipped with amenities for all ages such food and beverage options, with several food trucks to choose from, as well as recreational amenities such as table tennis and splash park. Residents will be able to access the beach pool for free.

The Park in DAMAC Hills also boasts a skate park, a horse stable, an ice rink, a petting zoo, a dog park, as well as several lakes where residents can fish. The park also features an events area where the community management team of DAMAC Hills regularly organises family-oriented events such as a food and handicrafts market, movie screenings and more.


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