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Arabic Sweets by Ayana, Bella’s Bakery and Kitch-In Dessert Hall are now live on Deliveroo

Kitch-In, the food technology platform helmed by Chef Izu Ani, Evgeny Kuzin and Accor, has now launched Arabic sweets by Ayana, Bella’s Bakery and the Kitch-In Dessert Hall offering a collection of freshly crafted baked goods and array of desserts that capture the essence of the cultures which they take inspiration from.

Ayana serves traditional Arabic sweets wrapped in vibrant, modern colours, providing the perfect gift for Eid Al-Adha and all year round. Made with regional ingredients and cultural flavours, the sweets are served in a choice of three boxes, filled with Pistachio, Walnut and Cashew Baklava, Nightingale’s Nest and Belwariah; Barazek, Ghraibeh and Coffee Cookies; and a selection of freshly baked Maamoul with Dates, Walnuts and Pistachio.

Bella’s Bakery features an irresistible and satisfying range of Baguettes, Focaccia Loaf, Multi Grain Oat Loaf and traditional French Croissants which are freshly baked twice a day. The sweet pastries strike a contemporary note, while showcasing classic textures and flavours, and include Cinnamon Buns, Mini Muffins, Rye Banana Loaf and indulgent Mini Donuts filled with a choice of Nutella or Bella’s vanilla pastry filling. 

Chocolate lovers can rejoice with a selection of decadent Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Blondies, made lovingly with premium chocolate. Other treats on the menu include Red Velvet Cake, Tiramisu and Vaso Lime Panna Cotta, all of which incorporate innovative taste sensations and luscious flavours. Diners can also indulge in comforting scoops of ice cream, including Strawberry, blended with fresh strawberries, Pistachio, served with Olive Crumb, Mascarpone and Coffee Ice Cream with delicate and fragrant spices.

Kitch-In Dessert Hall brings together and showcases all desserts and cakes from across all Kitch-In brands, including Japanese Cheesecake from Jimoto, classic Korean dessert Milkeu Ba from Soul Sister, rich and decadent Torta Caprece from Gigi and Greek Kataifi from Ap’ola.

Kitch-In enables diners to indulge in the luxury of exquisite cuisine, delivered to their door or hotel room. Now available to order on Deliveroo, users can search by each brand name or Kitch-In, for their ease and convenience.


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