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#AlwaysOpenForYou: Saya Caffe

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Where can you find us?
UAE: City Walk by Meraas, Dubai

In the hot seat:
George Beloborodko
Restaurant Manager, Saya Caffe

Tell us a little bit more about your venue.
The Saya brand was born in Dubai, and here, situated in the midst of a concrete jungle surrounded by the desert, it became an oasis of all things sweet and desired. Stepping into our restaurant, we invite you to embark of a beautiful journey through dishes that reflect our Mediterranean experience.

George Beloborodko
Restaurant Manager, Saya Caffe

From the variety on our menu, to creative desserts, we promise you rich interiors, and nothing less than our chef’s perfect touch with uncompromising passion and the highest quality in everything we do!

What are you offering customers amid this global pandemic?
As restaurant operators, we’re communicating calming messages to our guests, ensuring that they understand that the restaurant is undertaking proper cleaning and hygiene procedures. What we’re advocating is, obviously, off-premises where people feel most comfortable: that means delivery and pick-up.

It’s critical that people understand that, first and foremost, you’re open, because many establishments are closed. You want to let them know that you’re available while leading with what you’re doing to make sure that your employees are safe, and food as well as accessibility are hygienic.

What safety and hygiene measures are you taking?
We’re following protocols set by the Dubai Municipality and State Health departments. Before they can enter, all team members have their temperatures checked; any person showing symptoms is immediately sent to get tested.

We’re encouraging all staff to wash and sanitise their hands as often as possible, and providing gloves and masks to our employees and guests as well as sanitiser on each and every table. We have also reduced capacity by 70%, as we’re practicing social distancing as per government requirements.

What support are you looking for from industry partners/suppliers?
At this point in time, we fully expect to rely on the goodwill of our suppliers and their decision to make up for on lost supplies when there are grey areas in your contract. This is the most important time to maintain positive relationships and remind them to be patient. Flexibility is a powerful force when applied to situations such as the one we’re living in today. Truth is, business in general has been affected.

What challenges are you currently facing given the circumstances?
We’re facing problems with cash flow as most restaurants and establishments are, but in our case, we had just been open for 10 months and were still establishing a solid ground. We do have 63 staff in total across two branches, and expenses such as rental, electricity and water to pay.

What kind of support are you offering your staff?
We came up with a concrete plan to overcome this challenge. We do understand that the situation right now is overwhelming, and hence, at all costs, we will support our staff as they need us during this very hard time.

What are your plans once things get back to normal, or at least partially so?
The plan is to be safe and wise and the one thing that we’re focusing on is the safety of our guests while still giving them an excellent experience and delicious food. We promise that we will be standing still for everyone who is showing and sending love and support during these very difficult times.

Anything else you would like to add?
We urge everyone to be safe, kind and practice social distancing. We’re excited to see you at Saya. Our prayers are with the families currently dealing with COVID-19 and other serious illnesses, particularly those who have lost a loved one. 

Each one of us has been impacted by the uncertainties of this dangerous virus in some way. Everyone in Saya wishes you and your loved ones good health and strength in the days and weeks to come.

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