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Akira Back Dubai to feature artisanal hot sauce on its menu in November

During the month of November, Akira Back restaurant, located at the W Dubai The Palm, will be serving a starter featuring an artisanal ‘Haute Sauce’ as one of its key ingredients.

Conceptualised by Giovanni Ledon, Chef de Cuisine of Akira Back, the vegan starter, a charred mushroom and pineapple ceviche, will be made with the Mellowing Haute Sauce.

Made out of bird’s eye chillies and roasted yellow bell peppers, this Haute Sauce, Mellowing, brings to life the warm heat of the Thai chilli, along with bold flavours to produce a Haute Sauce that is striking and vivid.

Created by Ambika Rajgopal, Haute Sauce is a locally-based artisanal range of small-batch hot sauces made out of fresh ingredients. It was founded when Rajgopal discovered a dearth of good quality natural hot sauces in the market and decided to remedy this situation by making her own range, completely natural and preservative-free.

The restaurant was founded by the Michelin Star award-winning Chef Akira Back who, for over 20 years, has enticed the culinary world with his bold interpretations of Asian fare with American influence. Back has 14 venues currently open worldwide and another nine restaurants set to open in the next three years in more cities.


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