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After Love Lake, now crescent-shaped lake appears in Dubai desert

Dubai has been the top spot for lovebirds with some extraordinary places to bond over.

The JBR, the Hatta Mountains for nature lovers, the Love Lake for water lovers, the list goes on. But wait, a new destination has been added to the list; a crescent-shaped lake. Yes, that’s right. It is right in the middle of the desert surrounded by dunes and bushes. A Dubai-based photographer, Mostafa, shared a video of the lake on his Instagram account.

Mostafa wrote, “So I found this moon-shaped lake in the middle of Dubai desert, it’s another hidden gem, full of wildlife and barely untouched nature! You will find a lot of oryx in this area!! The views during sunset and sunrise are amazing, check out my Reel to find out about the location, Ramadan Mubarak everyone.”

The lake is located in Dubai’s Al Qudra desert.

To visit the lake, one must have a 4×4 vehicle to navigate through the sands.

moon lake 2

 The lake is surrounded by dunes and bushes. 

It is the next most popular destination after Ras Al Khaimah’s Pink Lake. The Pink Lake was discovered by a 19-year-old Emirati teen, Ammar Al Farsi. The unusual ‘Pink Lake’ has been doing the rounds on social media acros the UAE.

Dubai ranks 1st among cities in Asia and Africa and 15th globally on a list of the World’s 30 Best Places to visit in 2020-21 by US Travel group which placed the emirate ahead of global destinations including Sydney, Florence, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.

The UAE is famous for its sunshine, golden dunes and some of the most ambitious, opulent building projects of modern times. Each year millions of tourists from around the world visit to explore the rich and diverse Arabian culture. The country is particular about the safety of solo female travellers.


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