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6 must-see attractions in Lausanne and Montreux Riviera, Switzerland

Experience the best of the canton of Vaud through the various excursions and activities that the cities of Lausanne and Montreux Riviera have to offer. The cities are connected by a strong network of public transportation that makes them the ideal destinations for getaways from the GCC.

Here are 6 excursions to experience whenin Lausanne and Montreux Riviera:

1.      A day trip on the Golden Pass Panoramic

Embark on a scenic journey from Montreux through the canton of Vaud aboard the GoldenPass Panoramic as you immerse yourself in the stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. The ultra-modern trains are fitted with panoramic cars with large windows that offer breath-taking sceneries through all seasons of the year. From green meadows inspiring and white carpet of narcissi in summer to the orangey hues of the terraced vineyards in autumn and powdery white snow-capped peaks in winter, the Golden Pass Panoramic is a year-round journey to experience.  

Tip: book the VIP seat at the front of the train for an even more memorable experience and add this to your bucket list.  

2.      A cruise on the Lake Geneva 

Travel through a choice of 40 destinations along the Swiss and French shores on a steamboat that takes you on a journey across the canton of Vaud. Depart from the beautiful city of Lausanne and bask in the fresh air while you float on the sparkling blue waters of Lake Geneva. The cruise allows one to take the time to admire the exceptional panoramas that the canton of Vaud offers in the gleaming sunlight: from the La Côtevineyards to the terraced Lavaux UNESCO vineyards, always with the Swiss Alps in the background. 

3.      Tour a historic Swiss chocolate factory 

A trip to Switzerland is not complete without a tour of a chocolate factory, and what better tour to take than that of the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence? The Cailler museum is a chocolate attraction that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the story of their chocolates through a series of interactive and multi-sensory experiences, such as chocolate tasting and insights on how their high-quality chocolates are made.  

Embark on an exceptional journey on the Chocolate train that runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory from 11th June to 31st August 2021. It is available every day in July and August and a ‘must-try excursions with the whole family.  

4.      Visit one of  Switzerland’s most historic monuments 

The Chillon Castle is a majestic destination built on a small island on Lake Geneva, and a short journey from Montreux. Considered as Switzerland’s most visited historical monument, this medieval gem whisks you away to the 12th century as you are lead through the courtyard on a tour of the castle’s impressive halls by an expert guide who explains the three eras that mark Chillon’s history. Red grape aficionados can end their visit with a pleasant-tasting experience of the Close Chillon, matured and bottled at the castle. 

5.      Journey to the highest peak of the canton of Vaud 

Set off on an adventure aboard the Glacier3000 that takes you to the highest peak in the canton of Vaud. The cable cars connect you to various activities and experiences such as the thrill-evokingPeak Walk by Tissot, the world’s only suspension bridge connecting two summits, the Alpine Coaster which is the highest toboggan in the world, or a dogsled ride where majestic Huskies pull you through the beautiful glacier landscape.  

6.      A tour of the Olympic Museum 

Known as the “Olympic Capital”, Lausanne is home to the world’s only museum founded by the International Olympic Committee. The Olympic Museum offers visitors interactive and ultra-modern exhibitions found throughout the museum’s three floors named “The OlympicWorld”, “The Olympic Games” and “The Olympic Spirit”. Not only will you learn about the change in sports technology and the inspiration behind the Olympic movement, but you will also challenge your friends to races on the 100mtrack and re-live some of the most inspiring opening ceremonies in history. 

About the Canton of Vaud,Switzerland 

Located in the southwestern part of Switzerland in its French-speaking region between Lake Geneva and LakeNeuchâtel, the Canton of Vaud is a dream vacation destination. The region is served by Geneva international airport, which is a short 40-minute train ride away from Lausanne. The region boasts a strong infrastructure including luxurious and affordable accommodation and a well-connected transportation system. The Canton of Vaud features beautiful towns such as Lausanne, the Olympic Capital and  Montreux Riviera, all steeped in centuries of history and culture. The region has influenced and inspired many artists over the years from Lord Byron and Audrey Hepburn to Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury. Canton de Vaud is best known for its art of living, local and internationally renowned events, outdoor sports activities, world-class gastronomy, traditions, and culture. 

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