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UAE tops countries in providing COVID-19 vaccines to the entire population free of charge

The UAE tops the countries in dealing with coronavirus and proving vaccines to residents free of charges.  

During a media briefing on latest development on COVID-19 in the country, the health officials said, “The UAE has established a proactive approach in dealing with crises and was one of the first countries in the world to
provide COVID-19 vaccines for the entire population free of charge.

“It applied an advanced system of preventive measures to confront the repercussions of the pandemic, and adopted an effective strategy for recovery planning for all sectors.”

The health officials said this initiative is proactive in the UAE, and the data available in the Al Hosn programme is an official document approved in the country to prove vaccination with the vaccine, and people can save the record and print it whenever the need arises.

The Al-Hisn app has been updated to serve as the electronic national registry for the COVID-19 vaccine in the UAE. The application contains all data related to COVID-19 doses that are provided by the various vaccination centers.

On the other hand, the World Health Organisation (WHO), in its weekly update on the global epidemiological situation, reported a high rate of new cases of COVID-19 virus, with a number of countries announcing the presence of more mutated strains within their borders.

The health authorities in the UAE are constantly aware of the updates and changes that take place regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Through follow-up and monitoring, new mutations have been observed that may be associated with an increase in the number of cases in some countries of the world. Some mutated strains have been identified in some countries.

Researchers have found that mutated strains tend to spread faster, are more transmissible and more infectious. But so far, it does not appear to cause more serious disease, a higher mortality rate, or any kind of different clinical manifestation.

Since the beginning of the global announcement of new strains, the UAE has been a pioneer in following up the changes and developments, and a national team has been formed to study the tracking of mutated strains in cooperation with all health authorities.

The working group analyses the situation periodically and reviews recommendations in this regard.


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