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UAE to lift COVID-related restrictions by mid-February

The UAE has announced that it will lift all COVID-19 related restrictions and return to full capacity by mid-February.  

The authorities said, “We announce the decision to gradually cancel restrictions covering all activities and events in UAE in various economic, tourism & entertainment facilities, as well as in shopping centres & modes of transportation, aimed at reaching their full capacities by mid-February.”

The UAE is a leading model of flexibly and professionally addressing the crisis, due to the close cooperation between national authorities and concerned sectors.

National authorities are working around the clock to protect the health of people.

The experts said that relevant national sectors are constantly monitoring the pandemic, to update relevant plans and procedures.

Pandemic indicators in the country have decreased compared to vaccination rates and booster shot provision.

The remarkable commitment of community members and their effective contributions to the implementation of precautionary and preventive measures helped decrease the number of cases recorded, with a clear decrease in the admission rate of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals.

This is aided by a decrease in infections and the implementation of the necessary measures to ensure recovery, in light of the keenness to sustain a strategic balance between various sectors.

A decision was also made to raise the maximum capacity of social events, including weddings and funerals, and local authorities will determine the allowed number of participants.

Regarding mosques and places of worship, the safe distance is reduced to one metre while the pandemic will be monitored and precautionary measures will be adjusted accordingly.

The experts said, “We urge the public to follow the green pass system on the AlHosn application, and local crisis and disaster teams in each emirate will decide on local capacities.” 

Relevant authorities will continue monitoring adherence to the precautionary measures and take legal action against violators.

Regular analyses of decisions and procedures play a key role in ensuring they are keeping pace with the overall situation.

All authorities are keen to cooperate with the health sector, to ensure the country’s readiness to deal with pandemics.


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