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UAE established 10 Specialised Hospitals to tackle COVID-19 crisis

The Health sector is at the core of UAE’s priorities, with a focus on establishing state-of-the-art hospitals and the provision of advanced medical equipment and qualified medical staff, an official said during weekly briefing on virus situation in the country on Tuesday.

Explaining the UAE’s exceptional ability in successfully handling the world’s largest health crisis, the officials said “10 Specialised Hospitals were established during the pandemic, with qualified medical teams and more than 1,500 COVID-19 related specialists.”

This helped nation not only to successfully handle the pandemic but also to launch humanitarian initiatives aiding other countries.

“With a capacity of about 3800 beds, Specialised Hospitals have a high level of integration, with support services and systems such as laboratories, radiography, and pharmacies, ensuring a streamlined treatment journey.”

Specialised Hospitals follow an integrated national system, providing world-class medical services and treatment plans, and have gained international recognition and praise.

“Specialised Hospitals adhere to nationally aproved treatment protocols, facilitated by highly qualified and specialized medical staff,” said the official.

“Medical care standards adopted in Specialty Hospitals are strictly in line with the international standard adopted in the main medical facilities in the UAE,” emphasised official.


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