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Sharjah toughens COVID-19 precautionary measures, issues guidelines for wedding and social events

The Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs in Sharjah announced an update to the precautionary measures for social events and private parties.

As for precautionary measures for social events and weddings are held by only 20 people at the venue of the ceremony at home with distance 4 metres.

The authorities said people should avoid hand shakes, hugging, kissing and greeting with the nose.

They should also wear compulsory facemasks during the ceremony, and sanitise their hands regularly.

The measures included adhering to half of the capacity for each table, that is if the table has a capacity of 10 people, only 5 people are allowed, and leaving a distance of two metres between each table.

The duration of the ceremony should not exceed a maximum of 4 hours.

The authorities said no musical groups should perform during the events.

The department called on people with chronic diseases and the elderly not to attend any event, and also appealed to those who feel feverish to avoid attending the party.


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